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Is Your Portfolio Up With The Times?


Are Fees Eating Into Your 401(k)?

Fees are a common facet of an investment plan, but it's important to understand exactly what your fees are paying for. Oftentimes, people pay fees for static management, that isn't working for them, or fees for investment options that could be replaced by lower fee solutions that actually work better within your financial plan. Fees aren't always bad, but not understanding how your fees are helping your overall plan is a problem. [...]

The Best and Worst Places to Retire

There is no right or wrong answer for where you should retire, but that doesn't mean that you don't have to be prepared to plan for it. It's a big question that we ask clients because where they plan to move to, or whether they plan to move at all, can have a big effect on their budget, tax implications, real estate costs, and more. [...]

Keeping an Eye On Your 1099-B

Custodians usually send 1099-Bs to individuals by February 15 and to the IRS by March 31. This gives people a month and a half to review the forms and identify and correct any issues before they cause any major problems. But oftentimes, such errors cannot be corrected quickly, as the custodians must make the changes and then resubmit them. [...]

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