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Battling the Top Four Retirement Foes

We spend the majority of our careers in the accumulation phase of our retirement planning. We work to contribute to accounts, save what we can, find the most growth with the least risk. There is a lot of effort that goes into, well, what goes into your retirement account, and we tend to put a lot of focus on squirreling away our acorns throughout our career. But just like any hidden treasure, it's only as valuable as your ability to find it, unbury it, and utilize it. This is what we consider the distribution phase of your planning, or what we call to be your income plan. [...]

How to Keep More Of What You Make

I remember reading an article about healthy weight loss. Well, I remember reading about a hundred different articles about healthy weight loss, each with their own strategy, philosophy, and "fool proof" tactic for success, but this one article in particular really stuck with me. It said there is only one rule to successful weight loss, and that is to burn more calories than you put in. I remember reading that article and thinking that financial planning is the same way. [...]

Retirement Lessons You Don't Want to Learn The Hard Way

We've all heard the saying, "From every mistake comes a lesson learned", and I'm sure we can all agree with that. As a financial advisor, I see it as my job to help my clients learn lessons without having to make mistakes, but rather learn from history, and the mistakes of others. Along those lines, I wanted to present some retirement lessons that retirees before you have learned, and lessons that would be valuable for you to avoid in your retirement lifetimes. [...]

When Even the Seemingly Best Financing Option Is a Bad Idea

We are approaching the season of cheer, and the season and spending, oftentimes, on ourselves as well as others. This means that, for many people, this is the season for financing. Now we all know the dangers of credit card debt, and the high interest rates that can quickly make payments become unmanageable. But what about the good kind of financing? The financing terms with all of the zeros: 0 down, 0 interest for 36 months, 0 due at signing, etc? [...]

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