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Knowing, And Then Reaching, Your Target Number

A recent Retirement Confidence Survey conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that two in five (that’s 40 percent!) of those of us who are currently in the workforce don’t know their number. Those who have calculated their number have determined that their number has to be north of a million bucks. [...]

Is Your College Planning Strategy Appropriate?

Anyone raising a child in this world likely has at least one financial concern in common with one another… financing college. It’s become a pretty hefty goal to find the best financial plan to allow your kid to afford a college education, and this goal is being capitalized on by some disingenuous financial professionals. [...]

The Journey Of Your Tax Refund

Once again, we find ourselves approaching tax time. That time when we are either excited to get back some of our hard-earned money, or disappointed to see that we owe even more than we’ve already paid. As we do our taxes, most of us have our eye on that one number, either the amount we owe Uncle Sam or what we have coming from him. [...]

Trust As Beneficiary Of An IRA? Let’s Take A Look.

In my practice, I find that most married people designate their spouse as the primary beneficiary of their retirement accounts. But in David and Judy’s case, they named a trust as the beneficiary of both of their IRAs. I was very interested to know why they decided to do this—so I asked David. He kind of smiled at me and said it was done a long time ago and he does not remember why. [...]

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